Associated Cleaning Services delivers reliable excellence in commercial cleaning. We have the reputation and the experience – over 50 years of it! Our methods are up to the minute while our service is thoroughly reliable personalised and old fashioned.

We supply services predominately to South East Queensland but also to regional cities and commercial hubs.

Our commitment is to exceed client expectations by meeting specific individual requirements on time and all the time. We do this in regular consultation with both our clients and our cleaning crews. The cleaners of Associated Cleaning Services are trained to know the importance of providing unobtrusive, professional service with an emphasis on the security of the workplace and its contents.

All of our services below are managed with the same high levels of reporting, accountability and attendance tracking using modern software and systems to ensure our customers always know we are working hard for them and that we appreciate the support of our company.

Office Cleaning

We understand the importance of aesthetics in the office and an Associated Cleaning Services clean will leave your workplace sparkling and welcoming.  Staff being met with a fresh feeling workplace each morning improves moral, pride in the workplace and engagement in a clients brand. A proffessional partner also sets consistant expectations arcross a company as to what is expected from their own staff and their partners.  Associated Cleaning Services is a capable and respected partner with the experience to set a high standard of supplier support.

Industrial Cleaning

Our industrial cleaning techniques and products are guaranteed to make the shed shine. Safety procedures are paramount. Special care is taken with expensive plant and equipment. All our equipment and chemicals are labelled, tested, tagged and stored securely.

Medical Centres

It seems obvious that the term Medical Centres would be synonamous with high standards of cleanliness and hygiene but not all cleaning companies understand this.  Busy practice staff dont have time to manage the cleaning. That is the responsibility of the professional cleaning service providor. Patients may already have lowered immune systems which makes a professional cleaning process extremely important.  Effective cleaning does not mean expensive cleaning. The right training, the best chemicals and regular auditing all ensure your medical practice reflects the high standards of the staff who work in them and the expectations of patients to be in a safe place. 


Schools and Educational Facilities are some of the hardest working square metres to clean. High levels of revolving traffic at each desk means that every clean needs to be a thorough clean, not just for the surface appearance of the facilities at the start of the day but for the peace of mind of staff and parents that all areas have been treated through appropriate products and processes to kill the germs and remove the residues that harbours them.   Associated Cleaning Services can supply flexibility and all end of term special cleaning needs.

child care

Child Care cleaning requires the understanding that our littlest customers spend time with their hands as well as their feet on the floor and touching everything possible.  Spot vacuuming and spot mopping a floor may be sufficient in an office or industrial environment but certainly not for a Child Care or Early Learning Centre.  Correct resourcing for the cleaners to perform a thorough and effective cleaning service every day is paramount.  Rigerous safety and reporting processes and procedures support our Child Care customers compliance requirements.

special works

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • External building Cleaning
  • Hard Floor Restoration
  • Tile Restoration
  • Floor coating and sealing
  • Builders Cleaning (All progress stages)

Consumables and Supplies

  • All Bathroom Consumables
  • Dispensers
  • Sanitising Solutions
  • Lunch Room and Kitchen Supplies

Hygiene Services

  • Female Sanitary Bin
  • Nappy Bin
  • Air Deodorisers
  • Male incontinence Bins

urinal treatments

  • Waterless Urinal Servicing
  • Enzyme maintenance services
  • Screens and Deodoriers