Sanitary Bin and Nappy Bin Services

Delivering the highest quality sanitary bin servicing and maintenance in Brisbane and South East Queensland.

Professional, Discrete and Reliable Sanitary Bin Services

Associated Cleaning Services delivers professional and discrete sanitary disposal bin services. Each service is conducted by our professionally trained and highly experienced sanitary service staff who ensure your sanitary bins are left cleaned and sanitised to the highest standards.


How often should sanitary bins be changed?

Associated Cleaning Services recommends your workplace sanitary bins be emptied on a monthly basis. Our professional cleaners will assess whether your facilities sanitary bins need to be changed more frequently than this and provide you with this information after a quick free quote.

How often should sanitary bins be emptied?

Sanitary bins should be cleaned and emptied regularly, usually every 4 weeks and no more than every 6 weeks.

How do you clean sanitary bins?

Associated Cleaning Services will clean and disinfect your workplace sanitary bin as well as change and refit a new bin liner, ensuring a correct fit. We will also spray and wipe the edges and exterior with medical grade disinfectants for full interior and exterior clean and sanitisation.

Is it a legal requirement to have a sanitary bin at work?

Safe work Australia states that all public toilets should be supplied with an adequate supply of toilet paper for each toilet, hand washing facilities, rubbish bins and a hygienic means for disposing of sanitary waste (sanitary bins / nappy bins)