Impeccable Commercial & Office Cleaning Services

Keeping Greater Brisbane businesses spotless, hygienic & healthy, every time – Guaranteed.

What do our office cleaning services include?

We understand that your office cleaning needs are unique, so we’ve made a list of our most popular office cleaning services below, to make your decision easier.

Bathroom cleaning and sanitising: Basins, toilets, floors, mirrors cleaned and touch points sanitised. Feminine waste and nappy bins serviced and consumables restocked.

Kitchen cleaning and sanitising: Hard surfaces, taps, hardware and fridge exteriors hand cleaned and sanitised. Floors cleaned and sanitised. Consumables (i.e hand towels, detergents, tea-towels) restocked.

Common area cleaning and sanitising: Workbenches and desks hand cleaned. Hard floors vacuumed and mopped, carpets vacuumed, windows cleaned and touch points sanitised.

Need a customised office cleaning service?

Contact us to discuss your personalised cleaning strategy and book a free quote.

What is included in Associated Cleaning Services office cleaning service?

Associated Cleaning Services delivers customised office cleaning plans and schedules them according to your workplace needs whether daily or periodic. We provide vacuuming, touch point sanitisation, wipe downs of hard surfaces and benches. For a comprehensive cleaning services guide, get in touch.

How does Associated Cleaning Services professional clean an office?

  1. Wipe down hard surfaces, benches basins and touch points
  2. Dust and sanitise all horizontal surfaces, desks, chairs, keyboards and workstations
  3. Vacuum floors, carpets and mats / rugs
  4. Empty bins and replace rubbish bags and bin liners
  5. Mop all hard floors with cleaner and disinfectant

We also deliver customised cleaning solutions. Get in touch to learn more!