Deep Cleaning Services

Transform your workplace with Associated Cleaning Services, deep cleaning services, making sure your staff and customers are safe, healthy and happy.

We understand how important it is, now more than ever, to keep your commercial and office spaces consistently clean and up to date on cleaning and sanitation. Our deep cleaning services involve the use of disinfectant and other chemicals to remove any traces of germs and viruses, including coronavirus.

During your office deep clean, our staff pay particular attention to high-frequency touch points, such as door handles, light switches, taps, phones and work spaces like computer terminals or communal kitchens and bathrooms.

With our deep cleaning services you can be confident that your workplace is not only safe but is also going to make a great first impression on anyone entering your office or commercial premises.

Why choose Associated Cleaning Services, deep cleaning services?

Associated Cleaning Services delivers excellent commercial and office cleaning services to SEQ businesses, with a customer satisfaction guarantee, so you’ll feel confident that your industrial, medical, public or commercial workspace is cleaned and sanitised to the highest standard available.

What are the benefits of deep cleaning services for your workplace?

If your office space or commercial workplace hasn’t been deep cleaned in the last 30 days, there’s a high chance of dirt and dust buildup in areas missed during the usual daily clean, which can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Associated Cleaning Services deep cleaning of your commercial and office work spaces will help:

  • Sanitise and clean missed or hard to reach areas
  • Increase safety and preserve the health of your staff and visitors
  • Greatly reduce the risk of the spread of viruses, such as the coronavirus, in your workplace
  • Remove set in stains
  • Reduce allergen buildup in the workplace
  • Clear out clutter
  • Decrease the risk of pests and rodents in the workplace
  • Eliminate odours
  • Remove chemical buildup on surfaces


What is included in Associated Cleaning Services deep cleaning services?

Associated Cleaning Services delivers a variety of cleaning solutions as part of our deep cleaning services. We focus on cleaning and sanitising high touch point areas, vacuuming carpets, floors, mats and rugs, mopping hard floors with sanitising solutions, dusting and cleaning hard to reach areas, wiping and sanitising hard surfaces, basins, benches and work stations and thoroughly cleaning toilets, urinals and servicing sanitary bins.

Do you offer customised deep cleaning plans?

Yes. Associated Cleaning Services offers custom deep cleaning plans to suit your workplace best.

How long will a deep clean service take?

A deep cleaning service will take anywhere from 3 hours depending on the size of your facility and requirements.