Apples with Apples? or Lemons?

I have to admit a frustration of mine is being asked to quote on what the current cleaners have specified to compare “Apples with Apples”. If the existing contractor was performing the work they had agreed to at a good standard, then that would be fine. But if they are clearly not delivering, then how can this be comparing apples with apples? Here is a picture of us restoring tiles for a new client that paid for apples and, well, got a lemon. The dirty middle section is what the whole floor looked like before we started work on it. Definitely not a case of comparing apples with apples.
If your budget is locked down, then look at the cleaning schedule and ask whether getting the job done properly less often would actually represent better value than a frequent, lousy service. Don’t feel trapped by cheap cleaning, just reset the parameters: less frequent, high quality cleaning will have better results than spreading around the dirt as in the photo below. And you’ll make sure you get an apple of a cleaning service – not a lemon one.

Sheer Determination and Experience

We starting looking after a new client that had been left in a very poor state from the previous cleaners. Completely unhygienic. They also had non-slip tiles that every previous cleaning company had tried to fix and failed, and then just left them as is. Unbelievable. I had seen similar issues before and committed myself by stating I could fix it. Well, I got myself into a corner as all the normal special chemicals I had failed time after time. I was not giving up but I was fast running out of options, and chemical suppliers had nothing more to offer. Then I came across an old chemical at the office and just knew I was in with a chance. Such a great feeling when it worked and so proud to be able to keep my promise.

Special Projects

Never a dull moment and always enjoyable to put our experience to the test to bring value to our clients.  This work on the roof of a tanning salon saved the tenant the cost of a new ceiling. 

Here is the half way photo.

Medical Centre Restoration

It is always surprising to me that we took over this centre from a company that took pride in listing medical centres on their website. Here is the amount of dirt that had to be scrubbed off and we are keeping it off.